Rhyl CC and VC Melyd Time Trial Records

Click here to open the up to date ( 2017 ) Records table. Scroll through the table course by course.

Records are for  performances by Rhyl CC and VC Melyd club members in Rhyl CC and VC Melyd time trial events, Open events and Club events run by other clubs. The age groups are those used in the time trial league but unlike the league they relate to age on the day of the performance.

The records are drawn from the following sources:-

  • Rhyl CC published results from 1997 to date including all performances by VC Melyd members post 2009 .
  • Records published in earlier versions of the Rhyl CC website including pre-2009 records set by VC Melyd members.
  • Pre -1997 records of Rhyl CC PB’s and old Rhyl CC ‘Club Records’.
  • CTT website ( 50 mile and 100 mile results ).

The 50 mile and 100 mile records have been set on various courses. All other records have been set on courses which are either currently used by both clubs or have been previously used by Rhyl CC  for club events ( eg. D10/15 and D25/9 ).

The fastest three times for each course and each age group and gender are given. Spaces indicate that records are yet to be set.

Please refer any queries to nifwright@gmail.com