VALE OF CLWYD Time Trial League ( updated 27/12/2018 )

Since 2009 Rhyl CC and VC Melyd  combined their resources to run road cycling time trials in the Denbigh/Ruthin area. As of January 1st 2018 they were joined by Ruthin Cycling Club. These are club events ( Type B ) that are run in accordance with the rules and guidance provided by the National governing body for Time Trials – Cycling Time Trials ( CTT ). See CTT regulations for details.


The locations of the start and meeting points where signing on takes place are shown under the Find Us section of this website.

Signing on

Riders should arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to sign on.  Early event start times are used at the start and end of the season for reasons of safety. Check the start times on the Time Trial Calendar shown in the Calendar section of this website.

There is a 40 rider limit.  Arrive and sign-on early to avoid disappointment. Entry to eligible riders is on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

To reduce waiting time and to help the organisers start at the scheduled start time, race numbers will be allocated at the sign-on. The first person to sign on will normally be allocated race number ‘1’ , the second rider race number ‘2’ etc.

Entry fees are reviewed annually and can be found on the Fees section of this website ( adult fees have been increased by 50 p per event in 2019 due to an increase in the CTT levy fee ).

Eligibility to ride

You must be a member of a CTT affiliated club and your membership must be up to date. The only exception is for first-time riders taking part in a ‘Come and Try It’ event ( Hill Climb D0/11 and 5 mile D1/5 only ).

Riders must be a minimum of 12 years of age on the day of the event. Young riders aged 12 to 17 years of age will need to ensure that a ‘Parental Consent’ form is submitted to the event organiser when signing  on.  A word or PDF document can be downloaded  from the  CTT website:-

Parents/Guardians do not need to be present at the event.

All club time trials are entered on the day by payment of the race fees in cash to the event organiser.

Time Trial League

To be eligible for inclusion in the League you must be a member of either Rhyl CC, VC Melyd or Ruthin CC cycling club. For the purpose of determining league eligibility you are a ‘member’ if your name is listed on the club membership list maintained on the British Cycling website. If you join your club using the British Cycling online facility your name will automatically be added to the membership list. If you join your club by any other means it is your responsibility to check that you have been added to the membership list before signing on at an event – by checking your online profile on the British Cycling website. The official results will include the performances of all Rhyl CC, VC Melyd or Ruthin CC members and guest riders from other CTT affiliated clubs.

For 2019 there will be at least 22 events  counting towards the League standings ( The 2-up TT and the Ladies only TT do not count ). The first event takes place on New Years Day and the last on September 3rd. 30 points are awarded to the winner of each event, 29 points for second …..and 1 point for 30 th place and for all finishers. The best 15 scores of each rider over the course of the year will be aggregated to determine the final league standings.

The event organiser, timekeepers and marshalls will be present at the signing on and at the start to help you and answer any questions you may have. The names of the all ‘helpers’ will be listed in the Time Trial Calendar. If there are less than two names per event on the latest published version of the calendar this means further help is needed. Please contact the Time Trial secretaries to book a slot as a helper:-

Fergus Murray ( Rhyl CC Time Trial Secretary )

Andy Malcolm ( VC Melyd Time Trial Secretary )

Dave Passe ( Ruthin CC Time Trial Secretary )

The results of each event will be announced at the sign on location ( not at the finish line so please give the timekeeper a little space to do his thing ) and will be officially published in the Results section of this website usually within 24 hours of each event taking place. The league standings will also be updated and published.   A photo of the unoffiical results sheet is usually posted on the facebook page  within two hours of the event being completed.

As a member of either Rhyl CC, VC Melyd  or Ruthin CC your performance is recorded for posterity. If you achieve a new personal best performance this will be checked during the processing of the official results and noted in the published results.  If you wish to query the results or if you would like details of your previous times on the various courses please contact the TT league Records Secretary by email at :-

Age Groups

Age groups for young riders are the same as those used by British Cycling as many of the young riders also race on the track. Age groups for veterans span 10 years.

  • Youth C – aged 11 or 12 in current league year
  • Youth B – aged 13 or 14 in current league year
  • Youth A – aged 15 or 16 in current league year
  • Junior – aged 17 or 18 in current league year
  • Senior – aged 19 to 39 inclusive in current league year
  • Vet-A – aged 40 to 49 inclusive in current league year
  • Vet-B – aged 50 to 59 inclusive in current league year
  • Vet-C – aged 60 to 69 inclusive in current league year
  • Vet-D – aged 70 to 79 inclusive in current league year

The current league year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st.


Certificates are awarded annually to gender and age group winners in the following categories:-

  • League winners in all age and both gender groups.
  • Club Championships event winners in all age and both gender groups.

Annual trophies are awarded to:-

  • League Winners ( Lady and Gent .)

Details of all achievements are published in the Results section of this website.

Open Events

Details of Open events run by Rhyl CC are given on the Time Trial Calendar on the Calendar page of this website. Full details will also be given on the CTT website. Open events need to be entered in advance by filling in a CTT (Cycling Time Trials) entry form, complete with entry fee, and sending it to the Event Secretary no later than 2 weeks before the event is due to take place. Open events do not count towards the League. There are no Open Events planned for 2019.
CTT is the governing body for Time Trials in the UK. If you want to know more about Time Trials in general, and see the latest news and results from around the country visit:

Ladies only Time Trial

The purpose of the event is to have fun and provide a low key environment for Ladies to take part in the simplest form of bike racing. This event is aimed at first-timers although anyone is welcome to join in ( 12 yrs. + ).

Tuesday 2nd July. First rider 19.00. Sign on before 18.45

 St Marcella, Whitchurch Road, Denbigh. Sign-on location ( )

 This is a ‘Come and try it’ event . 12 yrs plus.

For more information please follow the link:- Vale of Clwyd – ladies